Write<3 and receive feedback

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This is a new community where people can post their writings. Feel free to post anything you've written which you feel like sharing: poetry, short stories, free writing... Anything.



1. Enter a story, a poem etc. as soon as you join. (You may introduce yourself first)
2. Use the lj-cut on giganormous entries.
3. Be nice, or I will personally spank you senseless. (Constructive criticism is not mean)
4. If you promote rating communities or communities that have nothing to do with writing/reading etc, you will be on my deathlist, and I don't care if your name isn't Bill. (Though that would make it more fun) =)

Posts about writing or links to great resources or other things of interest to writers are welcome.

One of the reasons why I started this community, was that I wanted a place where people could get some feedback on their writing. Everyone loves getting comments on their entries:)