Rach (keators) wrote in 0_love2write_0,

Just thought I'd post something I wrote. I'd love feedback, on what works, and what I can work on :)

Houses to be demolished

Streetlight buzzes outside.
With a broken window sash
The curtain drapes out the window,
Grasping for a lover.

Beneath the bed,
Twisted in the discarded caress
Of blanket:
Dust rallies.

Pen scratches. Pen squeals.
The walls will endlessly remember you
As you share your dreams and lusts
Into the paint
Which will peel away
Forgotten, unwanted,
In a generation.

Wax and wine
Merge as one
Into the rug that someone
once left
To cover
The floorboard
Which squeals in delight
When someone is so game as to
Touch her.

Guitar strings are nailed to
The wall
Where once a Russian bottle
Found love for an instant
And left a lasting impression.

String is a more effective
And people can’t jig a credit card
To unpick the door.
String is unloved.
String is forgotten.
No more does one tie a knot
Around a finger.
But string can be strong. And bold.
And loved.

Thanks. :)
- Rach.
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