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Writers' Block: The Great Myth [10 Nov 2009|11:09pm]

Title: Writers' Block: The Great Myth
Summary: ... since I began writing, I've heard many different people exclaim "What shall I do? The horrid Overlord Writer's Block doth wound me greviously!

Down the Rabbit Hole, Alice

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[10 Nov 2009|01:52am]

A Simple Plotting Technique

Here's a simple plotting technique you can use to organize your novel!

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Resources for Writers [06 Nov 2009|11:27pm]


Title: Resources for Writiers
Summary: A listing of my favorite software and books directed towards writers on the internet; click and see what you might find!

Down the Rabbit Hole, Alice

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What's Wrong? [04 Dec 2008|07:55pm]


I wish I had an answer when people ask, "What's wrong?"
Nothing really, I think.
I just feel wrong.
My dog didn't die, my parents didn't have a fight, I didn't get a bad grade on a test, I don't have a lot of school work, my boyfriend didn't break up with me.
But I want nothing to do with the world.
Nothing is causing me wrong, I am wrong.

I have closed into myself
like a flower
when the sun goes down.

Or a sea anemone
when it's been touched.

I'm sitting in a corner
watching the world
flutter by, and just
trying to stay alive.

I'd rather be sleeping.

You speak to me and
I force a few words
before slipping away.
I have nothing to say.
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Hello, I'm new. [04 Dec 2008|07:47pm]

Hello. This community appears inactive, but looks like what I'm looking for. I write randomly, and would love random feedback. About the writing, the content, whatever. Just for fun. Hopefully people join in. . . .
I'll keep posting anyway.


I don't remember when my dad stopped hugging me. I have memories of him hugging and kissing me every night as a child. One night when he was giving me a final hug goodnight, I held onto his neck extra long while he tried to pull away. I told him not to leave. He gently coaxed me to let go then pulled away and slammed his head into the top bunk. He jerked away quick, winced, and held his head. He didn't lash out in anger, but you could tell it hurt. I laughed but felt really bad. It's not often I saw my dad exhibit such a reaction. It's always strange when an adult gets hurt, shows pain. But I felt really bad. It probably throbbed for a long time. But it was also hilarious.

When I come home from college, I get a quick hug, a big smile, a big hello. The hug consists of him putting his arms around me while standing stuff. There is no embrace. No warmth is shared. 

Lately I've been craving his hugs. He'll walk by me in the kitchen and I'll spring on him, wrapping my arms around his body, around his arms still at his sides. I do this so he doesn't have to feel obligated to hug me back.

The other day I was telling my family about Augusten Burrough's Wolf at the Table.  Dad mentioned how he hoped we never felt that way about him. How he loved us and hoped we never want to write things like that about him. He was leaning back in his couch chair and opened his arms for a hug. The open arms weren't really an invitation, they were just a message. I paused for a moment, then leaped out of my chair and ran into his arms.  As I stood up straight and he pulled his arms away, his hand bumped against my breast hanging free beneath my tshirt. I felt that touch for the next several minutes. I wondered if that's why he stopped hugging me, because it became awkward, because accidents like that could happen.  I sat bitterly trying to forgot that tiny moment that ruined the hug. I hoped he wasn't thinking about it either, that he hadn't even noticed.
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Fear Less [30 Aug 2008|10:24pm]

This is something that I just wrote, and that I would greatly appreciate any thoughts/feedback on. Thank you.

Years ago, I was out to dinner with my dads one night after swim team practice (I must have been in third or forth grade,) and I saw one of those “Go Card” postcard advertisements that are often set out in cases at the doors to different businesses that caught my eye. The card read FEAR LESS in bold pink block letters. The slogan struck me and so I grabbed the card, and even today it’s obtrusive letters still pronounce their assertion from a place on one of the walls of my room.

When I heard about the international cello festival in Israel this past fall, I knew instantly that it was something I wanted to do. It would be an amazing opportunity, both to improve upon my cello playing abilities and to see a part of the world I’d never seen before. It was a chance to experience something I hadn’t experienced, to work on being able to understand and appreciate different people, ideas, cultures. For me, understanding new things is to fear less of the world, and this was an exceptional and unparalleled chance to do it. Although the idea of the trip was scary for me for numerous reasons, all were shades and variations of my fear of something I did not know or understand, and a fear I wanted to work on erasing.
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MORE! MORE! MORE! [10 Aug 2008|10:31am]

In the midnight hour
She cried more, more, more
With a rebel yell
She cried more, more, more
In the midnight hour, babe
More, more, more
With a rebel yell
More, more, more
More, more, more


Hey guys, Thanks for your help so far, but now that we've got the ball rollin, we gotsta keep it goin! We want your letters, good or bad, old or new to publish on our site (pswhatiforgottosay.blogspot.com check it!) If you wanna send us some cool hard-copies or art or a dirty sock (with a ps of course) you can send it to our P.O. box...those are our favorite!

Check us out, then help us out!


po box 266
new york, ny 10113
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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! [13 Jul 2008|05:08pm]

we are compiling anonymous letters for a book we intend to publish which borrows solely the post script "p.s." of the letters. by responding to this post, you agree to have us publish your letter, but don't be scared!

please send us emails, letters (scanned or directly to our po box!), photos with a letter, etc. but do make sure to include the letter in its entirety [though we will only use the postscript section]! & of course, please feel free to send letters in any language!

remember, by sending us your letters, you consent to letting us use do this, and we promise to be your friends! and let us tell you, we're worth it! thank you.



po box 266
new york, ny 10113
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Bella [10 Jul 2008|09:06am]

BellaCollapse )
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whistling sexy (july 2, 2008) [03 Jul 2008|09:44am]


so whistling is sexy
dire ocean, dire sea
calmly careening
island by island
beach by beach
so whistling is sexy ...
when you do

so words unspoken are true
like the wind, like the sand
underneath our almost bound feet
struggling for thoughts
that the body give away
so easily, so enchantingly
words almost uttered
but then again they were never heard
yet so true, its so true

so the tree, so the rock
he climbed, he trudged
funny, clumsily, and uncanny
like me lying half naked
and you whistling sexy ...
at me
under the scorching march sun
friends, rocks and the boat men
all gone, all done
just you and i
left behind ...

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Music [26 Feb 2008|06:26pm]

Music - A short storyCollapse )
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Trees [09 Feb 2008|08:59am]

Trees - a short storyCollapse )
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[14 Nov 2007|12:23pm]
Hello all.

I've been in search for a community to post and get some feedback on my writing for a while, but i've often been disheartened by the elitist, judgmental nature of people with a fair bit more experience than myself.
Gotta start somewhere I guess.

I'll spare you of a lengthy personal introduction as my original goal was to remain anonymous to some degree.

With that said here's the first in what might be a very long chain of short-stories. The protagonist is an utterly bored existentialist demon assassin with a knack for talking out of his ass to victims.

Onwards ...Collapse )

Humor me with comments.
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iRead [14 Nov 2007|12:54pm]


iRead: Awesome Fiction for Way Boring Transport.

Submissions of awesome sexy fiction, poetry or essays, for the launch of iread - stories which can be accessed on the web, mobile phones, pdas, and by those few who happen to have (in Australia) illegally cracked an iPhone...?

Surely, you can’t all afford your library fines?!

Launches December 1st :)

Submit story snippets and favourite pieces via jasminowl@hotmail.com




{p.s. Mods, feel free to delete if this isn’t a-ok on your comm..  :)


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Trees [02 Oct 2007|05:20pm]

TreesCollapse )
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[06 Sep 2007|01:24pm]

Just thought I'd post something I wrote. I'd love feedback, on what works, and what I can work on :)

Poem: houses to be demolishedCollapse )

Thanks. :)
- Rach.
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Mum’s The Word [07 Apr 2007|01:53pm]

Title: Mum’s The Word
Characters: Isaac Adair, Piper Adair
Description: A fairly good sized blurb centering around Isaac, and his mother, Piper
Disclaimer: Isaac and Piper Adair belong to me.
Author's Note: Now I love Piper but she’s a horrendous mother I suppose. Incredibly irresponsible. Fun to watch – but now that I think on it she probably doesn’t make the best example for her son.
Warnings: Language, homosexuality, sexual references

Mum’s The Word Collapse )
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in peace (march 17, 2007) [29 Mar 2007|03:47pm]



ah ... the familiar pain
when love is finally gone
stingy ...
unpleasant ...
this burning feeling inside
of extreme loss
of unbearable gravity
of everything gone in an instant

tasty ...
still palpable
in all your senses
with his hasty presence
this feeling still remains
as familiar as everyday

ah ... the familiar hope
floating freely in the air
from the last woes made
to everything falling in place again
will it ever last this time?
will everything be alright for good?

uncertain ...
a nauseating shadow of doubt
cast instantly
as fast as reality
this familiar feeling of being at ease
may it finally rest in peace


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[25 Mar 2007|02:23pm]


Hey muffins. ^_^

I’ve been writing snippets now; my novel is currently paused (if you happened to peruse that…). So I’ve more or less turned my journal into just a writing journal, not just for my novel.  I’d love it if you wanted to drop by and tell me what you think of my work. ^_^. I’d love it if you tell me what works, and what I need to improve on.

Here’s a linky to my writing journal.



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[13 Mar 2007|02:14pm]
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